Fun Gardening And Landscaping Ideas And Tips For Your New Home

2 August 2017
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When you finally get to the point where you have found your next home and closed escrow on it, then your final step will be turning it into a great home. Once you have finished with the interior, then you can move on to transforming the yard into one you love. Here are some ideas you can use when you are adding personalized touches to your garden and landscaping:

Start a rock garden

If you have small children, then they can have a lot of fun with this. You can find neat looking rocks almost everywhere you go. Collect them along the way and start a rock garden. You can even add special touches to the rock garden by hand painting some of those rocks. You'll find that some rocks have shapes that make it easy for you to know just what to paint them as.

Make stepping stones to display in your new yard

You can purchase stepping stone kits and make a stepping stone for each person in the family. They can each decorate it the way they want and you can put the date on them. Put them around the yard to help decorate it and so you can commemorate this special moment in time for your family. Years from now, you will be able to look at those stepping stones and remember the day you moved into that home.

Plant a tree as a family

You can take the family down to a local nursery and pick out a tree. Ask the employees for suggestions on ones that will grow relatively fast, so you can enjoy watching it change rather quickly. Also, make sure you purchase all the other supplies you will need. Choose an area in the yard where you will be fine with the full-grown tree being for years and years. Have everyone pitch in and plant the tree. Years from now that tree will offer your family shade and beauty, as well as the great memories of the day you planted it together.

Consider putting a pond or a firepit in

You can choose a place to put something the entire family can enjoy. You can have a pond put in that's stocked with gorgeous koi fish. You can have a fire pit put in the ground, or purchase an above ground one so you can roast marshmallows on nice nights. You can have a barbecue built in the back yard with a cooking area and get a nice picnic table, so you can enjoy fantastic barbecues.

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